What are Military Coins and Why Do People Need Them

Military coins or challenge coins are medallions or small coins that bear an emblem or insignia of a specific organization. This is usually carried by the members of that organization or group in order to represent their association. Traditionally, these coins are being awarded to prove someone’s membership once challenged while enhancing morale. Also, service members may collect them as a hobby.

In practice, military coins unit commanders normally represent the medallions to show people their special achievements through becoming an active member of the organization. In history, soldiers are rewarded with these coins by the Roman Empire and present them to the public for recognition of achievements. In every squadron within the military, each member is obliged to carry his coin or medallion all the time for identification purposes.


Understanding Its Origin

The name challenge coin is actually derived from its main purpose. One member is challenged to show his coin for character and discipline development. If the member wasn’t able to show his coin, he will buy the challenger’s choice of drink or wine. However, if the member was able to show his coin, the challenger will be the one who’ll pay for the wine. Through years of war, this tradition has been practiced by many organizations not just in US but also in other parts of the world.

The challenge is called coin check where in military coins are the main item. One can challenge a member any time he wants to. So it is important for all the members to follow the rule of carrying the medallion all the time. Most of the holders put their coins inside their pockets for easy access once they are being challenged. When it comes to coin appearance, there are various finishes available including 24k gold and simple pewter. For patina finish, there are options for copper, brass, nickel, silver and gold to choose from.

Where to Find these Coins

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Ensuring Quality and Affordability

Since challenge coins or medallions are not that expensive to produce and design, our company offers highly affordable items based on what you want. Our specialized production team performs two main processes to produce these coins namely: die-struck bronze and zinc alloy casting. Over the years, we have been a reputable source of challenge medallions and we continue to provide our customers with quality products.

For low-cost option, zinc-alloy casting is the way to go. The brass coin or die-struck bronze is quite more expensive although it offers you more value compared to the first one. However, prices may still depend on the production process as well as complexity of designs, enamels, voids, laser engraving and many others. Our only guarantee is that all our items are made with quality materials and unique designs that your will surely love.

Aside from challenging, medallions are also used in awarding or rewarding members who performed well in their service. But for main purposes, this is used in building morale. Look no further, we are here to provide you with the best challenge coins and medallions that will meet your expectations at more affordable prices.

Simply a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is someone who does talks and speeches primarily to motivate or inspire an audience. A talk given by a speaker is known as the pep talk. This kind of speaker is also called an inspirational speaker. Someone chosen to deliver these talks is usually an expert on the subject matter that is to be discussed to the audience.

A motivational speaker’s main objective is almost always the same, and that is to motivate and inspire people to help themselves and try to see things in a different perspective, and focus on their own talents and abilities. They do these by trying to look inwards to the emotional and mental levels of the audience they are talking to, changing them into better individuals. People always have a tendency to focus on the negative things that happen in life. Therefore, instead of seeing the bright future ahead of them, they get stuck in the darkness of their own problems. Big opportunities are being ignored, thus making them feel miserable. And that is what motivational speakers try to change. They develop and deliver life-encouraging speeches for these people to see the way towards the light of their growth and success.

Motivational Speaker

Here’s something you might find interesting – despite being called motivational speakers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what they always do is to literally speak. Yes, some speakers may be invited as guests to special events or to travel to different places to give talks but some do more than that. If a motivational speaker has created a name for him/herself, he/she can also write speeches and publish them – in the form of a book, journal, etc. This can be done by the speakers who have been embraced by the public because of their skills and the way they communicate. The way the speaker talks must have created an influence to his/her audience and therefore, he/she managed to establish a demand for his/her speeches.

Published materials are also one way of trying to expand one’s audience, thus making more people hear what you say, see what you write, and experience enlightenment through your works. Some speakers have been so popular that they have started appearing on television shows and guesting on radio programs.

Furthermore, a motivational speaker sees through the eyes of his/her audience and puts his/her feet in their shoes. The speaker also sees to it that what he/she talks about is appropriate for the audience that he/she talks to. He/she always reflects on his/her own experiences. One cannot talk about life without having experienced life. A speaker does not always talk about his/her successes, but almost always share failures of his/her own. It is important for these kinds of speaker to make the listeners see that they are all of the same kind, and that what the speaker can do and has done, they can too.

Keynote-speakerCommon topics that motivational speakers are requested to do a speech on are the following: personal development, business, youth mentor, community, pure motivation, team building, sales or customer satisfaction, leadership, and spirituality. Some new emerging themes may involve matters relating to environment (climate change, and saving the planet). Other topics are also gaining popularity because of the humor and witty approach of those who usually tackle them.

You know what they say, some people are born with the natural capacity to make their way to the hearts of their audience. While being a speaker may be inherent for some, it can be learned. Listed below are the different qualities that a speaker must have, or have been proven to possess, before he/she can be considered as really good in his/her chosen field.

•    Heart and passion for helping and telling his/her own story
•    Strong personal motivation and optimism
•    Connection to the audience
•    Good/audible voice
•    Awareness
•    Empathy
•    Freshness
•    Balance
•    Fearlessness
•    Authenticity

These are some of the good qualities that can be observed from a speaker, or the criteria that one must pass in order to achieve being a good, persuasive and reliable speaker.

A motivational speaker may be of great help to various groups of people who need to put a little faith and confidence in themselves. He/she can provide the emotional, mental, and social support an individual or a team needs to remain focused on the most important goals. However, nothing beats a person’s belief in one’s self. Yes, a speaker can cheer you up, but it is always on your own volition that you find what you are looking for in your life.

Choosing the Perfect Golf Clubs

You have all the chances to choose clubs that will complement your game perfectly, but you shouldn’t neglect the fact that you should have trust in those clubs to perform their job. You may have expensive and top-of-the-line clubs (such as those from Taylormade golf), but those might not be suitable to your style.

Also, you have to choose the right equipment for your body type and physical condition. Prior to determining the amount to spend for clubs, you must honestly assess your dedication to the sport.

Will you be spending a lot of time for practice? As a beginner, will you be taking golf lessons? Answering no may mean it’s best for you to go for cheaper clubs. Answering ‘yes’ means you can go for more expensive clubs, but you shouldn’t go too high with your limit.


The shaft

In choosing a club, you should consider your build, height and strength. If you’re tall, then you should choose longer shafts. Choose shafts, and then decide the flex that’s ideal for your game.

Choose between steel and graphite shafts. Steel shafts are heavier than graphite, but they are cheaper. Graphite shafts allow you to do swings with more clubhead speed, and usually mean giving the ball a greater distance.

The slower the speed of your clubhead, the more flex you should have for your shafts.

The thickness of grip

Thinner grips will need you to exert more hand action for your swing. Thicker grips, on the other hand, will restrict your hand movement more than necessary.

The ideal grip should allow your ring and middle fingers to barely touch your thumb pad while holding the club. Fingers that don’t touch the thumb mean a big grip. Fingers digging into the pad mean a thin grip.

The iron

Players who hit the golf ball precisely on the clubface work best with forged and muscle-backed irons. Players who hit the golf ball all over the clubface work best with cavity-backed irons.

You have numerous choices for golf clubs. Your golf can have a combination of hybrid clubs from Taylormade golf, metal woods, sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge, gap wedge and a putter.

The clubhead

Clubs today have available standard, oversize and midsize heads. You might have an advantage for having bigger clubheads – they are more forgiving, and will help you psychologically (you can’t miss with a big clubhead).

Consider the following options regarding the club head:

•Steel club heads are cheaper but are heavier.

•There are titanium club heads that are lighter and easier to hit, but they are more expensive.

•There are club heads made of steel but with a titanium face – this is somewhere between the two with regard to cost and weight.

The wedges

There are four kinds of wedges, and players usually carry two wedges – sand wedge (to use when stuck in a trap), and a pitching wedge (players would have to hit this 100 yards from a location in the rough or fairway).

Other Points to Ponder

In choosing golf clubs, there’s no one-size-fits-all (even if you’re planning to get those made by Taylormade golf). There’s no rack that fits every golfer and every club, so why expect such from golf clubs? Golfers come in all shapes and sizes; they understand that there are different clubs with different weights, lengths, lie angles and lofts.

Make sure of your goals prior to shopping for golf clubs at Taylormade golf. Identifying realistic and doable goals will help in making the choosing and shopping much easier. Playing golf simply for fun? Don’t spend much money, time and effort. Want to be a more serious player? Have higher standards then, in choosing the clubs you’re going to use.

Author Bio:
Will you be spending a lot of time for practice? As a beginner, will you be taking golf lessons? Answering no may mean it’s best for you to go for cheaper clubs. Answering ‘yes’ means you can go for more expensive clubs, but you shouldn’t go too high with your limit.

The Real Reason Why People Are Enticed by Endurobol

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) does not usually take a hard stance about substances that are meant to improve the performance of athletes. But this time, they did. Just last year, the WADA has effectively warned athletes all over the world to avoid the use of the black market drug called gw-501516 because of its apparent harmful effect on the body of a person.

According to the said agency, this black market drug which is also referred to as gw1516, was being marketed online as a mere endurance booster and performance enhancer for athletes, sports enthusiasts and aficionados. It is being marketed by online retailers as Endurobol. Mostly though, online retailers are soliciting their product on bodybuilding forums and sites where a lot of gym goers are very much interested in trying out the banned substance perhaps out of ignorance of its potential harmful effect to their lives. A simple visit to e-commerce sites will tell you that there are a lot of potential buyers on the internet. In fact, the Endurobol can be easily bought by anyone in either liquid or powder form.

image1The bad thing about this is that the athletes and other people who purchased gw-501516 from online retailers abuse it. As such, the WADA is very alarmed of the potential danger that it may cause to the lives of the users of the said drug. This is the very reason why the WADA had made a pronouncement condemning the substance at the first glance and promoting the awareness of people to its potential harmful effect to their lives.

At the moment, the WADA does not have the statistics to tell how prevalent the use of the banned substance is. However, the WADA is sure that the side effect of this black market drug is very serious. The WADA had simply described gw-501516 as a developmental drug that was currently being research by a big pharmaceutical company for its promising effects on the human body. However the WADA explained, when toxicities of serious nature were discovered in pre-clinical studies of the said banned black market substance, the big pharmaceutical company decided to withdraw the research altogether. From that point on, experiments of the substance to human beings were no longer conducted.

Now, there is an apparent problem with this pronouncement. The problem is that the document of the WADA does not specifically tell people what the potential dangers are with respect to their health. For example, users and potential users have been asking, “If the banned substance is indeed harmful to people, why not tell the people on what specifically are the apparent risks?” Since the WADA are not specific enough on the specific health risks that are allegedly associated with the use of this banned substance, people (gym-goers specifically) are still being enticed by it.

What is predominantly known about this black market drug is that it has been initially developed by big pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). This fact has not been particularly helpful at all. The reason is that people believe that since gw-501516 has been developed by a reputable company like GSK, the substance must be safe and the WADA might be overreacting.

Moreover, they believe that the WADA may only be speculating about its harmful effects. For these people, what is important is to promote their cardiovascular endurance and to improve their performance in their sport or physical activity. In other words, unless the WADA or any other medical authority specifically cites a case or a research study directly imputing a specific disease to the use of gw-501516, they will continue using this banned drug.