Fool-Proof Tips to Bring out the Best Speaker in You

Being invited to be among the keynote speakers can be both exciting and daunting, especially if it’s your first time to be asked for the task. Standing on the podium, talking to a hundred or so people, and reading or delivering your speech can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you’re the type to get jitters, don’t worry. You can be one of the greatest keynote speakers there are with these tips:

1.Know your audience early on. Ask about the crowd who would be listening to you. It is better to determine whether they are businessmen, students, or young professionals. If possible get the average age group. This information will help you tailor your speech to their age level, interests, or needs.

Keynote speakerOne of the pitfalls of some keynote speakers is that they deliver the right message to the wrong crowd, or vice versa. Some speakers give really interesting topics but which fall into deaf ears simply because the piece lacks certain elements that would pique the audience’s curiosity. For example, students prefer jokes in between speeches.

Critically-acclaimed British author Neil Gaiman delivered his “Make Good Art” speech before hundreds of University of the Arts graduates in 2012. Gaiman touched six essential points, which are actually his tips for a successful career in the arts. The speech was more than 20 minutes long, but because of his humor and wisdom, he was able to maintain the attention of his audience.

2.Research about your topic very well. Usually schools and companies would provide their themes for the occasion. Use these themes to be your guide as you write your speech down. Proper preparation before you deliver the speech is also important. Nothing ruins an occasion more than a haphazardly-done speech. Take time as you write your draft. Read on trends and survey results. Brush up on your knowledge of current affairs. Best of all, know every detail about the topic provided.

3.Prepare a relevant speech. Avoid being preachy. Instead, make your tone conversational. Ask yourself what your audience would best appreciate. Also, keep away from the “Me, Myself, and I Syndrome”. Talk about your audience. Include your experiences to help them, but the limelight should not be too focused on yourself.

4.Practice the right way of delivering a speech. The best keynote speakers are those who make their voices and messages clear. They make it a point to speak with the correct accent and pronunciation. Organize your speech so that it has a catchy introduction, a substantial body, and an applause-worthy conclusion. Practice also prevents rambling on the big day.

When you practice, do so in front of the mirror. If it would help to keep a copy of your speech, then you may also bring that every time you practice. This technique shakes off stage fright. But if you want to appear more confident to your audience, it is advised that you know your speech by heart. You don’t have to memorize the speech entirely, but you should be looking at your audience at least 80 percent of the time.

5.Watch videos and read speech transcripts from reputable keynote speakers. You can learn a lot just by listening to the content of their messages, and by looking closely at their facial expressions and gestures. Study where they put emphasis in their words. Imitate how they conduct themselves in front of the audience. These videos will definitely help you as you prepare for your own speech.

Last but not the least, have fun while delivering your speech and don’t forget to give your audience a genuine smile.

HCG Diet Essentials

The principles of the HCG Diet Protocol by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons have been around for over 50 years, but it is only recently that attention is being given to the HCG Diet. What’s the theory behind this weight loss strategy?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone that is naturally produced by your body. It has various functions and is used medically to treat various conditions. It is also known as the pregnancy hormone as HCG production doubles every two days while a woman is pregnant.

HCG for Weight Loss

Manufactured homeopathic HCG, which normally comes in drop form (the readily-available type), injection, or tablet form, is used for weight loss and is taken sparingly. HCG enables the body to reverse the effect that has prevented you from losing the excess pounds you have always carried. While the body is meant to keep excess fat, your body can tend to try to maintain your present weight and prevent radical changes.

This is a reason why starving yourself does not work. During starvation, you tend to lose muscle instead of the stubborn fat you want to get rid of. Upping HCG levels enables the body to focus on the locked fat stores, release it as energy, and lose weight rapidly but safely.

The HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Diet Protocol uses a combination of ingesting HCG drops and consuming a very low calorie diet (VLCD) / diet supplements in order for the diet to work effectively. The HCG triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize the stored fat out of its ‘hiding places,’ so that it can be easily converted into usable energy.

diet supplementsThis enables calories by the thousands to be released and utilized as fuel. Consequently, you don’t feel hungry or tired with the HCG Diet as long as you are getting enough rest. You reach your target weight and shape faster because the fat is being used as fuel. Meanwhile, the muscle tissue and structural fat are ‘left alone.’

When following the HCG Diet, it should not surprise you if you notice weight loss by one to three pounds daily without exercise. However, it is important that you carefully follow the steps in order to get optimum results. This means taking your HCG drops diligently and eating the right kinds of food during the dieting period.

Phases of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet consists of four phases, with the last phase being the maintenance phase. In Phase 1 and for one to two days, you start taking the HCG drops, which is placed under the tongue. During this period, you need to eat high fat foods. It is also not advisable to eat starches and sugars because, while they are also high in fat, they are also high in calories.

Phase 2 lasts from day 3 to 34 of the diet. Here, you get to eat only 500 calories a day. However, you still need to continue with the HCG drops. In this phase, most of the food you eat is protein and vegetables. You can eat certain fruits and the only allowable sweeteners during this time are saccharin and stevia.

Phase 3, which last from day 35 to day 56, is the crucial stabilization phase. Here, you can start adding more food back into your daily consumption. However, you still need to avoid starch and sugar. You can also add sugar-rich fruit like bananas and mangoes. At this stage of the HCG Diet, you will have acquired a taste for nutritious food; thus, allowing you to make good food decisions.

Phase 4, which lasts from day 57 until the rest of your life, is all about maintenance. By now, you have established some healthy eating habits. If you happen to relapse and eat your old foods, you may feel sick and then realize that you really crave for healthy and nutritious food. This phase is about changing your lifestyle. You now have to eat the right foods and exercise in order feel good, mentally and physically.

Taking Drops after Weight Loss

As the HCG Diet is meant to be taken for a limited period of time, your ingestion of the HCG drops is only limited to the period you are on the diet. After the diet period, you no longer have to take the drops anymore.

You may have more than 45 lose and you may not always achieve your desired results the first time you tried the HCG Diet. After your first attempt, you take a three-week rest from taking the HCG drops. After that begin, you begin the HCG Diet Protocol again: drops and VLCD.

Safety of HCG Drops

You may be wondering if there are side effects to taking the drops. During the beginning of Phase 2, there are people who experience slight side effects like dizziness and headaches. These symptoms will pass, though, after a time.

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Military Coins are a Great Way to Honor the Brave Soldiers

customcoinsA lot of names have been given to military coins, including challenge coins, commander coins, unit coins, collector’s coins and memorial coins. However, no matter how people call them, these symbolic yet simple items give so much significance especially to military members. These coins do not only help prove membership of a soldier, but most importantly, they also represent the pride and honor of dedicated members of the military. Challenge coins signify goodwill, genuine sacrifice, and camaraderie displayed by noble soldiers.


It is said that military challenge coins started during the World War I. Since air warfare was significantly the most popular strategy at that time, a lot of volunteer pilots from different sectors of the society enlisted in the flying squadrons. The armed forces formed these flying squadrons for more efficient attack on the opposing side. A lot of the volunteer pilots are wealthy students who decided to leave their studies to help protect the country. All of them were impressed with the new tactic of warfare and also with the strong bond they have created with the other squadron members.

One of the squadron pilots thought of something to give to the other enlisted pilots, so he commissioned someone to create gold plated bronze military coins. This is a way for him to express how much he appreciated his involvement with their military unit. These custom coins have the insignia of their squadron and they are quite expensive.

A member of the team put his military coin in his leather pouch. He wore this pouch around his neck to keep the coin safe. However, he was captured by their enemies and held as a prison, taking away his belongings except his pouch that has the military coin. During a combat, the pilot was able to escape. He was then caught by the French military and was mistaken for a spy.

The pilot was about to be executed, but he thought of showing his military coin to the French soldiers, hoping it will help prove his identity. It was fortunate for him that one of the members of the French army recognized the insignia imprinted on the coin. This is said to be how military coins began their tradition. Military servicemen bring with them their challenge coins wherever they go.

Challenge Coins in Different Organizations

These days, challenge coins are used in other sectors of the society. Different organizations that are looking for effective promotional and motivational tools use custom challenge coins. They are a great way of boosting the morale of every member of an organization. These coins also serve as a symbol of all the hard work and dedication demonstrated by all the members of the organization.

Challenge coins signify the great performance of a team member. Moreover, they serve as an efficient and quick way of recognizing which organization someone belongs. Because of their appeal and meaning, military coins are also sold at fundraising events.

Collecting Coins

Military challenge coins offer a lot of uses to many people in the society. Because of the historical value of these coins, they are also widely known to avid coin collectors. As a matter of fact, every military coin symbolizes a story of all the men and women who bravely fought for their beloved country.

Those people who collect and display these military coins show that they are thankful for all the things those courageous military members have done for their country. Apart from the monetary value of these challenge coins, they are also highly valuable, specifically with the honor and pride they represent to unselfish members of the military.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

A golf ball is a vital part in any golf game. There are different balls for different golfing preferences, so choosing from a wide array of specialized balls which will cater to the player’s regular golfing needs is definitely a must.

Golf DriversGolf balls, when manufactured by top-tier golfing equipment companies, such as Callaway Golf, are categorized mostly by how they are made, and what materials were used to make them. These factors affect the whole performance of the ball. Some materials are lightweight, and will have an effect in the speed and lift of the ball. Other balls will be made of a more compressed material, requiring the golfer to hit harder.

Companies like Callaway Golf offer different types of golf balls, each type made for different preferences.

Here are some examples of the types of golf balls that the golfer can choose from:

•Softness-based – the ball’s low compression makes it go faster and farther, reducing the spin and covering more distance that players prefer. With the reduced spin, the ball flies straight, thus affecting distance.

•Swing-speed dependent – designed to match with the player’s swing speed. It will provide outstanding aerodynamic performance, having a penetrating and long ball flight due to its low speed lift. This golf ball also features softness, but this time, it’s in the material used to make the ball’s cover. It helps to control the player’s shots around the green. The soft inner core of the ball will lower the spin, and the firm outer core adds to the control of the ball’s spin.

•Swing-speed dependent, multi-layer – the low spin of the ball makes the ball hook and slice through the fairway, given that the swing speed of the player is moderate. With its multi-layer design, players can also have full control of the ball.

•Speed-dependent – made for excellent aerodynamics, the player will experience less drag as the ball penetrates at a longer distance. It has a fast core to achieve a high ball speed, covering a max distance. The inner and outer mantles of the ball are made to be thin for maximum speed, and the cover enhances durability.

•Core-based – the core of this ball is highly resilient and has low compression, providing fast ball speeds, maximizing distance, as well as improving the accuracy of each hit.

•Cover-based – the cover of these balls is made of a durable material called monomer, promoting straighter and longer drives through a low spin. Its high level energy core is designed for extreme distance and maximum launch speed, enough to withstand all conditions of the game.

•Large Core-based – the core of this ball is resilient and large, giving the ball a greater speed. With the softness of the core’s compression, it gives the player a straighter shot and allows the ball to travel long distances (due to the lower drive spin). The ball’s cover is usually made of a soft monomer, giving the player control and just the right feel when the ball is in the green. The ball uses the mantle layer, which is thin and soft, to attain maximum speed.

The materials used in making a golf ball vary depending on what the manufacturer’s specialty is. Callaway Golf, for example, makes their golf balls in a variety of core compression levels, and it will affect the overall speed of the ball.

Golf balls are traditionally white in color, but there are other colors to choose from, usually in the neon shade. Neon balls are much more visible on the green and in the air. In fact, top manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, allow the golfer to buy multi-colored ball sets – a box with two or more colors of golf balls inside.

There are lots of types of golf balls to choose from. Don’t end up confused though, just choose the golf ball that suits your playing style.